This section will help you access additional information and resources that build on the information you’ve seen on previous pages.

In the first tab below, you’ll find details of a network of support groups filled with people just like you living with or caring for someone with ovarian cancer.

For those who want a deeper dive into various topics related to ovarian cancer you can access and download brochures in the second tab.

"It’s ok to have more questions! Use this section to connect with ovarian cancer survivors and carers in your community or to expand your knowledge."

Everyone’s experience of cancer is unique. Even with a supportive personal network of friends and family, and an expert healthcare team, you may still feel like you have more questions relating to your specific circumstances, the future, how to use the local resources available to you or where you can get additional help.

"To help you with support closer to home, I have put together a directory of patient advocacy groups, so you can access any additional help or information you need in your native country and language."