Welcome to the Ovarian Cancer Pathway

How to use the pathway

To move around the Ovarian Cancer Pathway, click one of the four boxes further down the page:

About ovarian cancer – explaining what signs doctors look for when diagnosing ovarian cancer, and what tests they might do to confirm it

Primary treatment – describing the main treatments for ovarian cancer, which can change depending on what type of cancer you have

Ongoing care – teaching you about what comes after your first round of treatment and how doctors keep track of your health over time

Recurrence – exploring changes to your treatment if ovarian cancer comes back and what you can do to prepare for the future

Once you’ve picked your pathway, you’ll be shown a map with your current position marked in yellow. You can browse and click on the topics in the visual pathway to take you to where you want to be. Go at your own pace – you don’t need to read everything all at once.

Watch the video for a more detailed explanation from Olivia on how to navigate the Ovarian Cancer Pathway.